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This page showcases items in the collection that don't really fit into any of the other existing pages on the site. These may be moved into new dedicated pages as more items get added to the collection.

German radio aerial connector

This socket from Germany is meant to be connected to an antenna and used with a radio, as written on the device itself.

The connector is polarised (with the positive and negative terminals labelled up on the front cover); two screws on the front remove the faceplate, which then also reveals the connections and screw holes for mounting to a wallbox.

Old TV aerial connector

This is an old TV aerial connector, of the "Belling-Lee" style used in Europe for this purpose (the type F connector seen in other parts of the world is mainly used for satellite dishes). Its age is unknown, but it was installed alongside BTicino Domino sockets from the late 50s, so it's probably of a similar age.

Notably, unlike modern ones, which use a male connector, following an agreed-upon convention, this one uses a female one. Thankfully most TV antenna cables sold come with an appropriate adaptor.

Metal-cased isolator switch

This unusual isolator switch was likely used for disconnecting heavier appliances, as indicated by the label inside talking about heaters and motors. Three contacts per side are present, possibly indicating that it could have been used with three-phase loads.

The switch is housed inside a heavy-duty metal casing (with no provision for an earth connection); most notably, the casing is perfectly suitable for use with American light switches, with the mounting holes and front cutout lining up perfectly.

DIN rail light switch

The flexibility of the DIN rail means that it can be used for many things other than just breakers - this, for example, is a light switch meant to fit on one. This can be useful for controlling illumination in a more industrial or specialised usecase, such as a bank of lights with a main breaker next to them.

Once opened up, it's revealed that the switch is simply a module, made by Vimar - this makes it possible to have things other than a switch installed, such as a power socket or an indicator light. This way the flexibility of modular electrical devices can be combined with the one present in the DIN rail system.

AEG mains-powered hour meter

This is a fairly simple hour meter - once powered up, by mains voltage, it counts the hours that it's been powered up for. This is useful for machinery or equipment that may need something to happen after being used for a certain amount of time, like servicing or replacement of components.