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History of the Italian electrical system
Electrical safety features to protect against shocks
Safety shutters
Sleeved pins (and recessed sockets)
Earthing / grounding
Double insulation
History of electrical safety in Italy
Plugs and sockets
European non-earthed plugs and sockets
German "Schuko" plugs and sockets (Type F)
French-style plugs and sockets (Type E)
Europlugs (Type C)
North American plugs and sockets (Types A and B)
Japanese plugs and sockets (Types A and B)
UK plugs and sockets (Type G)
Italian plugs and sockets (Type L)
Danish plugs and sockets (Type K)
Swiss plugs and sockets (Type J)
Israeli plugs (Type H)
IEC 60309 industrial plugs
Other heavy-duty plugs and sockets

CEE 7/1 and 7/2
CEE 7/3 and 7/4
CEE 7/5 and 7/6
CEE 7/16
NEMA standards
JIS C 8303
BS 1363
CEI 23-50
Section 107-2-D1
SN 441011
IEC 60309
Plugs and sockets from Italy
Modern Italian plugs and sockets
Vintage Italian plugs and adaptors
Old industrial/heavy-duty plugs
Vintage Italian electrical accessories (sockets and light switches)
Surface-mount devices
Devices for round boxes (early items)
Devices for round boxes (later items)
Devices for rectangular boxes
BTicino "Magic" safety plugs and sockets
Other electrical accessories (light switches, etc.)
Continental European electrical accessories
Electrical accessories from the UK and Ireland
North American electrical accessories
Electrical installations and breaker boxes
European fuses and vintage breakers
Diazed fuses used in many European countries
Neozed fuses
DL fuses (East Germany)
Vintage breakers
Vintage Italian fuse holders
Vintage Italian breakers
Early types of RCDs in Italy
North American fuses and breakers
Wiring and power distribution
Earthing systems (TT, TN-C-S, etc.)
Wall boxes
Power meters and supplier's cutouts
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Other and unusual items
Travel adaptors and the dangers they may pose
Image gallery - a closer look at certain items
Technical terminology used on this website
Unusual electrical features found around the world
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European breaker panels