The Electrical Items Collection

Hello and welcome to my collection of electrical items! This site focuses on documenting electrical installations around the world throughout the years, focusing especially on the physical items used to construct them. There are also pages dedicated to documenting the history of these devices, as well as the principles behind their design and usage.

The collection features items from all over the world (though at the moment most are from Europe), with the eventual goal to cover installations from as many countries as possible.

General information
Information on this website, as well as a quick overview of electrical installations in Italy
History of the Italian electrical system
A brief history of the evolution of the Italian electrical system
Electrical safety
Safety features present in electrical installations around the world
History of electrical safety in Italy
The evolution of electrical safety practices inside Italy over the years

German "Schuko" plugs and sockets
Schuko plugs as found in many countries in Europe and elsewhere
French plugs and sockets
French-style plugs, used in a few countries in Europe and Africa
European non-earthed plugs and sockets
Classical 2-pin unearthed plugs as used in Europe back in the day
British plugs and sockets
3-pin BS 1636 plugs and sockets used in the UK, Ireland and some other countries
North American plugs and sockets
Plugs and sockets of various types in use in North America
Japanese plugs and sockets
Examples of plugs and sockets used in Japan, including some twist-lock sockets
Danish and Swiss plugs and sockets
Plugs and sockets found in Switzerland and Denmark
Other plugs and sockets
Other styles of plugs and sockets, including Europlugs and CEE industrial plugs

Modern Italian plugs and sockets
Rewireable plugs and connector sockets commonly used in Italy nowadays
Vintage Italian plugs and sockets
Old examples of Italian plugs and sockets, as well as vintage types of adaptors
Vintage Italian sockets and lightswitches
The evolution of electrical accessories in Italy, from ceramic items to modern wall boxes
BTicino "Magic" safety plugs
An overview of the failed Italian "Magic" polarised safety plugs, created in the 60s by BTicino

European electrical items
Light switches and other electrical accessories seen in European electrical installations
North American electrical items
Switches, fuses and breakers commonly found in North American electrical installations
European fuses and vintage breakers
Fuses (Diazed, Neozed, etc.) and breakers as used in most Continental European countries
Vintage Italian fuse and breaker panels
Examples of old fuses and breakers formerly used in installations in Italy
Wiring and power distribution
A general overview of wiring and power distribution practices around the world
Power meters and cutouts
Meters used for measuring electrical energy, plus fuses used to protect the incoming supply

Other/unusual items
Devices present in the collection that don't fit into any of the other categories
Travel adaptors
Adaptors that convert one type of plug into another, and the dangers they can often pose
Image gallery
Comparison photos of electrical items of different types, produced in different countries and years
Technical terminology found on this website, and an explanation of its usage

Unusual electrical features
Youtube channel - with videos about electrical items
Donation page - to help contribute to the site
Latest pages - unfinished pages currently being worked on
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